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gameinsky 4 years ago
  Hi, welcome to bonuslevel!
Those are the 3 layers buttons which you can use to stack up to 3 different tiles on top of eachother.
You should check the help tab which you can find right under the game for more information.
Good luck!
BRVR 4 years ago
  Hi! I'm new to

What's the "1 2 3 L L L" for on level creator?
globbruhtopstick 4 years ago
  Hmmm.... Sherlock, I guess ur right.
globbruhtopstick 4 years ago
  Dear Treazer,
I think Sherlock has got a point.
He's right.

Treazer 4 years ago
  I'm afraid that's true, but I know you will always amaze us with another great concept, even if it seems like there's nothing new you can do. :)
Sherlock 4 years ago
  It is pretty hard to come up with a new idea now... :/
Sherlock 4 years ago
  Glob, actually if a game needs challenges there must be some stressful/hard levels, otherwise it would be too easy. :)
globbruhtopstick 4 years ago
  I love this game, except for some of Hexicube and other ppl's levels that are hard. Leave me a comment! I would love that. Okay, fellow BonusLevelers? :D
Sherlock 4 years ago
  :) Actually now I cannot improve my score any more... Keeping dying with an unstable hand.
Anyway good luck chris~
Treazer 4 years ago
  Sure, where do you need help exactly?
chris3000 4 years ago
  I would like to finish all my official levels. I only have 5 left. I might need some help on them.
Sherlock 4 years ago
  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
chris3000 4 years ago
  It's nice to see you back, maybe you'll make some new levels here?
Sherlock 4 years ago
  Failed to sleep. :(

Actually after such a long time I missed my password ._. just till several hours ago. :)

;) Nice to see everybody again here~
Treazer 4 years ago
  Yes, that's because you already completed 500 levels before and you always need to complete another level to "update the counter".

It's very nice to see you back though! :)
Sherlock 4 years ago
  Ehhhm? o.O I just played one accepted level so far and what? New Award?
SuperMario 4 years ago
  Personally I'm not as fast as I was before, but I can still manage to complete some of the 856 I have left.

I used to have 100 less before taking a short hiatus.
Treazer 4 years ago
  Haha, that's impossible for me I guess.^^ I'm not as fast in P4M as I once was... :(
It depends on the level though.
Anyway, glad to see you back on #4. :)
Dynamo 4 years ago
  Sorry Treazer, gonna have to knock 50k off that score of yours to beat me again! ;)
Treazer 4 years ago
  Oh no, you pushed me back to #7! :c
Congratulations nonetheless! ;)
Dynamo 4 years ago
  Finally completed all the levels, and taken myself back up to fourth again!
funguy161 4 years ago
  I Love Mazes! :D
This Game Is Cool!
gameinsky 4 years ago
  I'll give pyrko the benefit of the doubt on the first level. It's not as if the 2 miliseconds will ever end up mattering.
AK 4 years ago
  I believe 3 is an impossible score on the very first level, as he has it there. Crypt (Path 4 Mouse) also has an impossible score by him. Otherwise, those were the only scores I could find of him.
gameinsky 4 years ago
  If you can give a list of the levels with hacked scores I can skim them through and delete all of them.
Treazer 4 years ago
  Yeah, it's not the first time he hacked...
AK 4 years ago
  Has Pyrko hacked scores in this game before? I feel like I've seen impossible scores from him one other time.

EDIT: Looking through other officials, it appears he has hacked several times. Should all of his scores be deleted in the officials?
Automan 5 years ago
  Under Construction is so easy
CamoDragoon 5 years ago
1. Three of the ten levels have more than four scores.
2. Six of the seven levels with four or less scores were designed by only two designers.
3. Look at some of the levels with four or less scores. Have you played them all? One of them, Explore the City (Path 4 Mouse), has few parts that require you to either be extra steady or extra fast. Another, Blind Spin (Path 4 Mouse), is tough, but it's only extremely difficult if your computer doesn't light up the screen enough. Synchronization (Path 4 Mouse) and 4 Squares (Path 4 Mouse) are legitimately tricky, but they're not ridiculously hard (and while Synchronization is hard, the level is relatively short).
4. This leaves us with 3 "ridiculously difficult" levels.
5. Most important -- look at the time period over which the levels were released. Blind Spin (Path 4 Mouse) was created 6 months ago. The average level per month rate for the 10 most recent levels is 1.6 levels per month. And if we look at the rate of ridiculously challenging levels (3 over 6 months, although admittedly the three very challenging ones were not released six months ago) it's 1 level every 2 months.

Conclusion: There is not an issue with there being a "new wave of levels so challenging and ridiculous only one or two people can beat them". The problem is that there are not enough levels, not enough players who are willing and able to spend the time to try to beat the tough ones (e.g. Synchronization (Path 4 Mouse) and 4 Squares (Path 4 Mouse)), not enough designers, and just not enough players in general.

These problems are uniform to every game on BL. The level designing hasn't shifted too much here at BL... it's just gone way down. :|
AK 5 years ago
  I don't like this new wave of "so challenging and ridiculous only one or two people can beat it" style levels. This game was made to be playable by a lot more than just one or two people. Just look at the highscores for the ten most recent levels; only two have been beaten by more than four people. So, I think we should start creating levels that more people can beat, and leave the extremely difficult levels to once a month; otherwise, this game will lose all but the four players who can beat about every level.

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