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boogiebee 10 years ago
  Bear with me please, not to beat a dead horse here, but wouldn't constant background music on an iPhone do serious battery drain as it does on the Gameboy sets? If so, some alternate would be advisable.
Vasilok97 10 years ago
  please make a button to switch music!
gamelover101 10 years ago
  I think it should be able to turn on/off the music while playing a level.
ost000101 10 years ago
  New Music???
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  Sorry, I won't tell you. It is meant for experts.
MooKings 10 years ago
  Not much of Blockaban...but once this game comes out...automatic buy for me
zodiacra 10 years ago
  so i can test even i'm not an adminstrator?

asforien: Yes.
Asforien 10 years ago
  Send jp an email containing your UDID at to be a tester.

How to find your device's UDID
zodiacra 10 years ago
  cool to be iPhone tester, but do i have to be a tester?
i have an ipod touch 2gen and i would like to test blockoban iphone.
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  Great version, but I don't have an iPhone,

I am trying to upload the layout of BLockoban on iPhone version.

The ratio of the original game in Flash is 22:25, while the iPhone display ratio when it is played with the phone turned 90 degrees, is 2:3. So I'll try to resize it.

Is this the picture below shows of what you're implementing?

Cross Spiral
Treazer 10 years ago
  I like this music more but i will find it better too when we can choose the old music or the new.
Im 10 years ago
  Yay!!!! But do you think it's possible to make a non-touch too? :O
jp 10 years ago
  @Jyxz, you can't edit an accepted level, but if you wish to edit it : post a message on the level explaining why you want to edit it, and push the "call and admin" button on the level.

***** iPhone/iPod touc beta testers *****

The iPhone version of BLockoban is on its way. If you have an iPhone (3G, 3GS) or an iPod touch (1st gen, 2nd gen), and if you want to test the game before it's released, please send me a PM with your email and your UDID (search "iPhone UDID" in google).
ost000101 10 years ago
Jac1 10 years ago
  Why not Push????
Im 10 years ago
Jac1 10 years ago
  For what, then?
Im 10 years ago
  No, not for Push.
Jac1 10 years ago
  Yes, that's true, it would be perfect for Push.
Im 10 years ago
  SuperMario, it's not. It's perfect for any other game, but not for Blockoban.
gamelover101 10 years ago
  It doesn't matter.
My idea is to CHOOSE which music you want.
If you don't like the old one, Don't USE IT!
gamelover101 10 years ago
  I like both music. Maybe you should be able to toggle between them automattically or manually, or both.
pauloalex 10 years ago
  not, unless the admin ask you to edit. tyutyu (BL API Demo)
Jyxz 10 years ago
  Can you edit a level after it is accepted?
pauloalex 10 years ago
  Did you like a new music? I liked old music. If you want to play blockoban listening the old music, click in this link:
In this site I knew BLockoban
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  Always note that levels are not luck-based, and it requires high intelligence.
Jac1 10 years ago
  The first time I got it was with the 23 solution...

And I agree with Pauloalex, it takes a lot of thinking to do it...
pauloalex 10 years ago
  I cant believe in lucky in this level.
Elizea 10 years ago
  ...if i start to do it without thinking, i probably wont hit the 23 solution, i will get it lucky after 1000 moves...
pauloalex 10 years ago
  but not are 1000 moves. Are 23. And 23 moves not is luck, is the solution.

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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