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Jos 6 years ago
  @everyone: merry christmass!
lmr 6 years ago
Wishing everyone all the best for the season.
psychomaster 6 years ago
  I have 1 in evaluation.
sycoraximperator 6 years ago
  4600 levels completed, 925 to go!
Treazer 6 years ago
  They're not exactly the same, look at the goals.
Jos 6 years ago
  Few Steps Away (BLockoban) and Few Steps Easy (BLockoban) are exactly the same.
sycoraximperator 6 years ago
  Good to have you back, Chris! Plenty of new and fun lvls for all of us to solve.
nelson90 6 years ago
  Yes! Only 9 levels to solve, but the 569 unsolved levels are so hard that it will take time :)
SuperMario 6 years ago
  You almost complete 5000 lvls :)
nelson90 6 years ago
  Sorry, SM, I don't understand. Could you explain?
SuperMario 6 years ago
  Nelson90, I see what you almost do.

You should know what am I talking about.
Sephirya 6 years ago
  A wonderfull game to play! :D
SimonM 6 years ago
  I still have 800 levels left.
Jos 6 years ago
  Indeed, Simon, and I still have 1010 of them unsolved.
Edit: getting under 1000!
SimonM 6 years ago
  Blockoban has 5555 levels!!
jp 6 years ago
  YEs thx for warning me, it should be fixed now. At least it worked for me (I tested on blockoban 2).
Elizea 6 years ago
  JPs response: "HEy thanks, repaired I think. The server was physically move yesterday by the host provider."

If there still are any problems, join the chat and let someone there know.
ToughMan 6 years ago
  You see it too right?
Elizea 6 years ago
  Hey Toughman.

I have no idea what has caused this but I suppose it's a database error. I've contacted JP about this and now we just have to wait for him to look at this matter.
ToughMan 6 years ago
  Hi guys. I realize there is a problem with the scores across the board of all BL games (at least for BB and PI for sure). In all levels I tried - even past ones - it shows that there are no scores yet and I cannot save any new score. Is there any system/softaware update under way or have we (the community I mean) been attacked by hackers? Or is it just me and my computer?
ToughMan 6 years ago
  Welcome back indeed Chris. You have been missed. I wish you all the best.
sycoraximperator 6 years ago
  Welcome back, Chris!
alanliu12121 6 years ago
  That should go to the new awards idea topic...
oldmanrob 6 years ago
  What about a 5000 games award? (I'm at 4726)
oldmtnguy 6 years ago
  @ marcogardaland Ho cercato di contattare l'utente per oltre un anno su ciò che deve essere fatto per rendere i livelli accettabili. Vi prego di contattarmi su questo forum o messaggio personale e farò quello che posso per aiutarvi.
SimonM 6 years ago
  If I need to find titles for levels, I use google for synonyms.
ToughMan 6 years ago
  Apparently the creator has uploaded several levels but noone can get in touch with him/her. And since you mention Murat I can tell you that he doesn't speak english but he has managed to communicate every now and then with the rest of the members and as for his choice to use a numbering approach I believe he has made soooo many levels - trying to come up with English!! titles - that he probably run out of english ideas and terms. I think it is a smart choice from his point if view. The reason of the title is that it must represent the level and after more than 5500 levels it is the best and probably only indicator members can have to choose between them.
magnacumlaud 6 years ago
  What's the prob with italian level titles??? The title of a level is not such interesting! See Murat's choice.
ToughMan 6 years ago
  I kind of disagree with the approach guys. That is take the liberty and initiative to change the names. And my disagreement lies with the principle not the substance of this action. This is a community whereby members from all over the world gather to enjoy and have fun. During this time they come together, exchange views, opinions and are trying to improve the quality of the game. If you take away the communication part and make the community impersonal - that is anyone throws a series of levels and let admins do the work (change titles, change tiles, eventually create new levels for them) - then this "new community" won't be anything different than all those sites with flash games and no interaction. All members have to find a way to be active, communicate and contribute to the game. And i'm not talking about the language. The communication may be in Italian, Chinese or even Greek (i wish) but it has to be established first before anything else. Unless members can communicate (let alone properly) they cannot receive the criticism, reward and recognition they deserve and therefore you cannot interfere to smn's work - even if it means changing the title - without his consent or approval. At least I wouldn't want that for my work. You respect the members you respect the community.
oldmanrob 6 years ago
  If you need a translation from Italian to English for the level names I can do that. But why don't just use MG or MGL (for Marco Gardaland) and a number?

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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