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gameinsky 2 years ago
  Yes, sadly it doesn't do that. Superdog made a bot that will check the levels manually and even tell the difference I think.

You could always ask him on Discord which is now our prefered method of quick communication.
greyanna 2 years ago
  It would be great to add current highscore to each Level-Info. So you could see if u reached or not without opening each Puzzle.
oldmanrob 2 years ago
  all category packs up-dated.
gameinsky 3 years ago
  Indeed, speaking of still running strong;
JP has pretty much given me permission to add awards to games I'm admin in, so if the community think a good award is due then i'll gladly consider one.

(One I'm thinking of is an award for completing all officials once one more is added)
chris3000 3 years ago
  Wow, i'm amazed that this game is almost 8 years old and is still running strong.
SimonM 3 years ago
  That's awesome!!
chris3000 3 years ago
  Wow, I've just solved my 6000th level. Now i'm in the pro league. It took a lot of effort to make it this far.

Now my next goal: solve 7000.
chris3000 3 years ago
  Thanks guys, I'm glad to be back. I'll make some more levels soon. I'll make a special one whenever I solve my 6,000th level.
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  WB! I'm glad you are back.
CamoDragoon 3 years ago
  Wb chris :)
chris3000 3 years ago
  Hey guys, i'm finally back!

I'll explain why I was gone in a separate topic in a few days. I hope everyone has enjoyed Thanksgiving and
Christmas and is having a great new year. I am amazed at all the new Blockoban levels. I can't wait to play them.
lmr 3 years ago
  A Happy New Year to all.
gameinsky 3 years ago
  Indeed, merry Christmas to all, hope everyone had joyful holidays!
ToughMan 3 years ago
  Very Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy, Healthy, Successful and Joyful 2016!
lmr 3 years ago
  Merry Christmas. Happy holidays everyone.
lmr 3 years ago
  I am so happy! the game is back!
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  We all do, It will hopefully, and we will be able to upload new levels and play old ones.
lmr 3 years ago
  I hope it can be fixed soon.
Coolguy52 3 years ago
  No, site just messed up...
lmr 3 years ago
lmr 3 years ago
  Many of these are too simple.
Your ideas are good but need a little more challenge. Keep up the good work.
lmr 3 years ago
  It would possibly be better (Camo) to make four or five packs. One per difficulty level.
kalina200 3 years ago
  I have 19 levels unevaluated
sycoraximperator 3 years ago
  Go for it! It would be very interesting.
CamoDragoon 3 years ago
  Lol guys. Although, if you do actually want that pack, I could pull it together. It would probably be the easiest for me to do it since all of my levels are already there for me under the "My Levels" tab.
Treazer 3 years ago
  It definitely would be! If I'd have created as many levels as Camo, I'd be level 69.^^
SimonM 3 years ago
  That would be a huge pack!
sycoraximperator 3 years ago
  Why not make a pack consisting of only CamoDragoon`s levels?
Treazer 3 years ago
  Yes. :)

Attractive (BLockoban)

Quoting SuperMario from Level "Attractive"
BLockoban accepted level number 8000...
manufan 3 years ago
  Not sure if anyone noticed, but we have amassed over 8,000 levels on the game! Congratulations to admins, designers and solvers for continuing to make this the largest game on the site by level count! :)

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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