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lmr 8 years ago
  Congrats! OMR2000, I'll bring the pizza
AK 8 years ago
  LOL I'll be over in 8 days!

But i'm not that good at this game....

I need to get better, i'll try more levels.
oldmtnguy 8 years ago
  With all the awards lately, it looks like time for a family block party..LMR the addict, Oldmanrob way over, and archery for Aowyn and Money666. Way to go!
SimonM 8 years ago
  congrats OMR, I hope you will stay long on BB. I've made a little level for you. The level name starts with Little(can't say whole name, it would be self promotion)

btw, also congratulations to lmr for being a BB addict!
oldmtnguy 8 years ago
  Congratulations OMR. Any excuse for a party with friends is great. But seeing as how you're an addict four times over now, maybe should we should take this opportunity to have an intervention. hehehe!!
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  Congrats OMR!!! Unfortunately, I don't think I can make it. :)
MartinfraKongsberg 8 years ago
  Excellent! I'll be there right after I've been to the pub for some billiards. Is it the white house on the right after the big tree?
oldmanrob 8 years ago
  Last night I beat my 2000th level. There will be a litte party tonight; please come over to my place if you like. There is plenty of beer in the ice-box and some fruit juices for the kids.
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  lmr, the thing is, I could beat the levels, probably, but it would take me a lot of moves for me to solve. I don't think I'm nearly as good as any of the long-time players/addicts, I'm the worst at optomizing (but I'll probably try it), the only area that I might be competent in is level-making. I try to get the highscores on small levels with simple tricks, but as yoou say, I will need to play more levels, at least before I can begin to optomize.

EDIT: lmr, on that comment I meant not that I wouldn't bother with the level, I meant I'm to stupid to solve it. :)
P.S. OMG, I need to listen to that proverb more. :) Trying to stop comment-posts, I forget this isn't JG2 commenting ( much more "random" :) ).
lmr 8 years ago
  Camo- There are several parts to this game, one is to just enjoy playing it. Two; is to have your score beat and try to match someone else's optimization. In my opinion nothing of this game is about self-gratification. Try playing levels and achieving the scores set by the masters, instead of thinking you know it all, and that you are better then the rest. (You commented on a new level recently with words to the effect , It looks like it is good, but I don't think I'll bother playing it.
Get over yourself and join the real world.
PS.You have created some decent levels.
lmr 8 years ago
  E-just occasionally. Your english is very good.
CD-As to the problem,I could not get the game to play at all. After debugging, it worked again. My computer is quite old and sometimes glitches starting or restarting a level, at which time I hit the refresh button and can carry on my merry way.
Camo, you are incorrect, E's commas are correctly placed. The 2nd sentence is ordered correctly just missing some punctuation.
You spelled apostrophe wrong.
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  lol Yes Elizea. :)

For example, JPs=no opastrophe
Commas placed wrong in first sentence.
2nd sentnce last part ordered wrong.
Wow you are really bad at english ! Tsk,tsk. XD (Just joking, those mistakes don't matter :) )
chris3000 8 years ago
  i'll try my best to solve all officials

P.S.- i think 249 is enough
Elizea 8 years ago
  I guess JPs idea was that those who have been longer on the site, completed more levels and created them etc, would know better what is a good level etc.

I don't think average ratings for everyone would be really good, even tho I agree that someone who only plays JG2 shouldn't really have bigger RP while rating BB levels than for example you guys.

Edit: for anyone who is native english speaker, do my posts have syntax and/or grammar mistakes? D:
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  @IMR, what was your computer problem? I know you had one, just didn't know exactly what ( won't load). I'm having some probs too, games won't load, usually I click around, then if I can't select anything, it shows loading symbol, and usually brings up game, it's just really wierd. :( Blockoban loads the most out of the games. @OMR, never gave that much thought, but now that you speak of it, i think I agree. No fair if everyone else but the person with highest power likes it, but then the highest powered person doesn't causing, it to drop really far. The ratings should probly be averaged.
oldmanrob 8 years ago
  An other thing I dislike about voting is the rating power. What happens to the old "one (wo)man one vote"?
lmr 8 years ago
  Hey CD, no proof required. I have accepted everyone else at face value. It is just that this is the first time that I have logged into a game. I encountered a problem last month, so now I don't want to trust anything.
For what it is worth from me, Welcome.
Piece of advice, don't go overboard, limit your comments, optimize each level and learn from the masters.
oldmtnguy 8 years ago
  Hey thanks CD. We need to all get our minds back on what were here for in the first place, to play games and to escape the drama of real life.
I do try to be available as often as possible. And I hope that I've been successful at that. However even I need my beauty sleep. lol
Ahroo 8 years ago
  @CD, don't worry, I feel like that more often than you. xP
pauloalex 8 years ago
  Mature enough to recognize. Congratulations.
chris3000 8 years ago
  OMG is busy but he will evaluate some more levels soon.
pauloalex 8 years ago
  Who are you to criticize the work of OMG? A boy who appeared yesterday? This is a community of respect. Please limit to productive comments and not offensive.
lmr 8 years ago
  OMR, Hehe, lliked the PS.
SimonM 8 years ago
  Chris, just keep trying, even it looks like you're doing wrong.
I think I have completed 20 officials in a week.
I now have 8 officials left.
chris3000 8 years ago
  Because i want to be as good as pauloalex. I am impatient sometimes.
Elizea 8 years ago
  Why do you have to complete all officials? =]
chris3000 8 years ago
  I'm getting a little upset. I still have 38 officials left. It's been that way for 2 weeks at least. I know you guys are tired of my complaining but i need some help. Sorry to be harsh but i've got too many things going on with my family.
MartinfraKongsberg 8 years ago
  How I vote: 5/5 is a classic, 4/5 is a very good level and 3/5 is a good level. I never vote 2/5 and 1/5 because I believe those bad levels never get accepted.
Just my opinion.
oldmanrob 8 years ago
  I would like to discuss the votes. IMO too many people give the 5/5 to too many levels. 5/5 should be given only to "perfect" levels. I.e. original (new) idea, neat design, challenging, fun to solve, chance of improvement. This arn't of course costants. The personal taste plays a big role and the category and the age of the creator should be considered. Anyway 4/5 is a very good vote and even 3/5 (this is vor CD) isn't a bad vote. From my side 5/5 is reserved for master-pieces.
PS. My appologize for syntax, orthography and grammar.
lmr 8 years ago
  Here is my 2 cents worth, A lot of mountain from a molehill. As long as the game is not compromised. Someone is trying to pull something. Many of CD's comments ,though good, have syntax errors. They are not the same kind of errors as PA makes translating from Portuguese. Eliminating certain immigrants. I do not believe cd is a young person from the states, as in his profile.
Anyway, I think everyone should move on and enjoy.
Perhaps, I should make a lvl called "Grain of Salt"

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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