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chris3000 9 years ago
  well combination lock takes a lot of practice to get a good score
ToughMan 9 years ago
  I've noticed you keep giving tips CD where u should be completing the lvls (ie Combination Lock). I know you may have completed all the official ones when you were a guest, however i suggest focusing more on finishing and then optimizing. I am not a big fan of Spoilers as they do Spoil the game and the fun. However I understand ppl who get frustrated and request them it is just that I don't believe in this kind of assistance. I'd rather boost a player through encouragement and tips like clearing his mind, taking a step back, observe the design and try to think a couple of moves ahead before starting, etc. Furthermore, such spoilers as the one for combination lock are really pointless. But as always it is just me.
greyanna 9 years ago
  Hi Elizea, it's because of the '&' in Slice & Dice (BLockoban) and the '+, =' in 1R+2=X (BLockoban). Those characters have a specific meaning used in hyperlinks.
Should be replace e.g. and
Elizea 9 years ago
  That is actually interesting greyanna, I have been wondering what causes the [more] button to go to frontpage. I guess JP could be interested of that too...
lmr 9 years ago
  Of course there are gods...they are the admin. ppl. There are also demi-gods-the top players.
greyanna 9 years ago
  no 2 bad links!!
and who removed my message, are there gods in the background??
oldmtnguy 9 years ago
  It was referring to a bad link to the info page on one of the official levels.
chris3000 9 years ago
  i have no idea
Ahroo 9 years ago
  WTH was greyanna talking about? ._.'
chris3000 9 years ago
  drying rack, aboutface, parking, and combination lock
CamoDragoon 9 years ago
  Chris1, what levels are you stuck on (in officials) besides last three?
chris3000 9 years ago
  this game is fun, but i wish i had more spare time on the hard levels- the green ones
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  Chris stop to wallow in self-pity. If I look at your face you are having a lot of fun. SpongeBob never surrenders. :-)
chris3000 9 years ago
  Ok guys, i'm sorry i said that you were ignoring my comments. I just got overwhelmed that there are almost 2700 levels here and i can't solve many of them. The hard ones though.
SimonM 9 years ago
  Congrats to Tinus for getting the Blockoban Addict award!!
gameinsky 9 years ago
  CD, if there's a limitation, it's not because of nothing.
The newbie limitation is to prevent newbies to be way too fast proud of themselves, and enter a bad level.
Even it doesn't really seem to help.
The limitation gives you time to look, edit and improve your level :)
ToughMan 9 years ago
  I really do not understand this. Unless the msgs are provocative, offensive or with a bad language (which I don't think PA would use) there is really no point in deleting anyone's msg. This is exactly the community's point. To have and share different thoughts even if it is unpleasant sometimes to others. IWe are not members of a political party to have common understanding of things (even those ppl have significant differences). I repeat, unless msgs are offensive, provocative or using bad language, lurge admins to let ppl express their opinion. Fyi EL, censorship has never made the atmosphere happier either so try to find a balance.
pauloalex 9 years ago
  I still have no enemies here, but it seems I'm finding one, and is not CamoDragoon. I know I am a very respected and we demand respect from you, because you never missed with respect.
Elizea 9 years ago
  That kind of posts aren't really required here, you know yourself too that they don't get the atmosphere happier and make people think others are their enemies.

OMG can see your post tho even it is deleted.
Elizea 9 years ago
  Only OMG, JP and me could have done it, shouldn't be too hard to guess :P
lmr 9 years ago
  Cd, You might bother to notice that when you submit a level, the message you get says it could take several weeks for acceptance.
HELLO, these ppl all have lives.
Patience is a virtue.
In the meanwhile stop thinking of yourself as THE LVL creator and play the ones out there. I have seen a couple of comments from you; 'looks good if I could' Play the kids levels. Stop sounding like a spoiled, whiney child. Learn to optimize and let everyone get on with enjoying this game!
oldmtnguy 9 years ago
  You are really beginning to try my patience CD. The last level you submitted has now been marked to be edited because it wasn't complete. And no amount of whining or begging on the main post is going to change that. I don't know what it's going to take to get your attention, but we are not all here just to serve you. There are many members on this site that are submitting levels also, you are not the only one. Please try to be a little more professional if you can. And please check your levels before you submit.
Elizea 9 years ago
  Then you have to wait for tomorrow, CD =].
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  Thank you. You are all so kind. It's a pity we can't have this party for real. But lets just pretend to have it. Actually 2000 isn't a lot. But I spend the last 6 months more on BB2 than here.
chris3000 9 years ago
  I've only done 1560 levels.
lmr 9 years ago
  I am wondering how many other ppl have achieved 2000,that seems like a major.
If I wanted to play with the numbers and percentages...
2000 took you two years... I solved 500 in two months.
I just solved a bunch today, without optimizing. Judging by the scores you consistantly show, you are brilliant. You either set the bar or match it. What a great way to get your 2000! Keep the beer cold.
chris3000 9 years ago
  congratz OMR!
ToughMan 9 years ago
  WTG OMR. It is an amazing achievement indeed, you are now a BlockoSolistas OMR, Nice One. As for the party I'll be there to beer for the award.... i mean to cheer for the award...hehe.
WTG LMR!!!!Now you are an ADDICT with a title....hehe. Next target is 1000 the BlockoBanistas award and then 2000 for the BlockoSolistas....hehe. Welcome to Addiction anyway.

Special Congrats to aoWIN for taking all the MONEY in the Archery competition!!! Congrats to both of ya.

@AK: You probably mean OMR, right? Cause OMG is an admin. I guess he missed his chance when he surpassed day J/k.
AK 9 years ago
  OldMtnGuy, why no admin? You've certainly been here long enough...
lmr 9 years ago
  Congrats! OMR2000, I'll bring the pizza

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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