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Fckin_Gameinsky 12 hours ago
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pig 3 days ago
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cilla 3 days ago
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greyanna 3 days ago
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gameinsky 6 days ago
  I think you misunderstand, I did not restrict anything. I said any level below a certain amount of moves and with few enough blocks is usually ok when possible. If they require more moves or have more blocks then it's up to the mod to decide.
Also, this is not a 'restriction' that comes from me, all of the previous blockoban mods had some form of this. The numbers are different, but I was just giving an example.
(I also did not give chris concrete numbers either, so this was all up to his discretion)

There is a reason I don't evaluate levels on this game despite having the power to. My judgement is not good enough and I understand that.

Preferably the new mod would have been someone who is both really good at the game and active, but Chris was the only one who applied for the position so he became the new one.
greyanna 6 days ago
(You know: I appreciate you always!!!)
Why don't you open disagree gameinsky's level restrictions if you do that? There are gratefully lots of FANTASTIC levels made by Suhangha and Yggdrasill4 too which collides with gameinsky's BLockoban killing restrictions!

And: there are lots of experienced players who liked this levels!

And: it is more than unable + stupid + incompetent to make the equation: many moves = boring! (Can only be = 1 person! Rocky = LOL!!!)

So: players should decide which is boring or not and NOT NON-PLAYERS!!!

You know: what I think about you in common with Pauloalex + Jyxz!!!
So i am fine with this fact: that YOU DON'T TOUCH MY LEVELS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gameinsky 6 days ago
  I ask to have a bit of patience with Chris, as he's not as good as everyone else at the game and also has never had this level of responsibility before.
Elizea & I will try to keep an eye on what he does but obviously we won't catch everything.

I'm not asking to never point out anything wrong Chris does, because that is definately helpful, but I do ask to remember he's not used to this, I had a rocky start as well.

I have made the 3 levels to be edited for now, to force him to react.
I also agree that levels should not be asked to be made easier, just that the categories reflect the difficulty.

I did ask him to not accept boring levels that require hundreds and hundreds of moves without thinking but anything under 150 moves and/or with less than 20-30 blocks should be ok. Anything that exceeds those is on mod's discretion imo.
I guess he must have misunderstood my advice as "don't accept difficult levels", which is not what I meant at all.
greyanna 7 days ago

gameinsky: "I did not restrict anything. I said any level below a certain amount of moves and with few enough blocks is usually ok = under 150 moves and/or with less than 20-30 blocks"


And only to install an apparent reason to boycott my levels!

You are more than stupid + incompetent! Fuckin Hypocrite + LIAR!

Elizea ACCEPTED lots of levels (in the early past) made by Suhangha and Yggdrasill4 on which Dcoco - the best hard-level-solver - needs up to 350 moves!
AND: there are MORE like him and me who PREFERS this kind of puzzles cause: THESE ARE REAL CHALLENGES!
suhangha 7 days ago
  Thanks, chris3000! you are new admin!
Elizea 7 days ago
  chris3000 is a new admin for Blockoban. Thanks!
suhangha 8 days ago
  Coolguy52 seems to have his condition. Can you ask him directly?
suhangha-2 8 days ago
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Elizea 11 days ago
  It's been 18 days since I asked if there would be any applicants for being a new admin. I'm happy to announce that...

...there we're 0 responses.

So I ask again, message me if you'd be willing to be an admin for this game and evaluate new levels regularly.
greyanna 11 days ago
chris3000 23 days ago
  I made my birthday level a week ago, can someone evaluate it? I actually made a few levels a couple weeks ago.
Coolguy52 30 days ago
  I think the general rules apply: be active, be competent, be helpful etc.
Dynamo 30 days ago
  Are there any conditions, like we must be able to beat the levels or something?
Elizea 30 days ago
  Message me if you'd be willing to be admin for this game and evaluate new levels regularly (couple times a week).
SimonM 1 month ago
  You can link it like this: Bees Pack 2 (BLockoban)

[packid = 835] without spaces around the =
greyanna 1 month ago
Sorry,...Bees Pack 2 (BLockoban) is under construction!
suhangha 1 month ago
  Levels like variable calculators are the hardest and best level.
Those FormulaNG Levels, ask hint and receive from someone's inbox.

Once, those two are the hardest.
chris3000 1 month ago
  Can anyone give me some tips/hints on the last 20 officials I have left. I still haven't mastered them. Archery and Quadruple Transfer are the toughest ones.

And so is Cross Spiral from Gary.
suhangha 1 month ago
  Man-Woman Judgments: (smallest but picture is bit big)
greyanna 1 month ago
  @chris As you maybe know: oldmtnguy has a tragic disease and as lmr told us 5 months ago: Omg can no longer use a computer. That is soo sad.
chris3000 1 month ago
  What happened to oldmtnguy? He hasn't been on in a year, he must be really busy nowadays.
gameinsky 1 month ago
  I think he's asking a specific Yggdrasill4 level to be made official at position 96.
I'd be fine giving Blockoban its 250th official, but it would need to be a level the community agrees with.
greyanna 1 month ago
Sometimes it is more than crazy what you are talking about. Seems you are crazy!
suhangha 1 month ago
  To be new official at level 96. with ultimate level.

Game in sky, do you agree?
suhangha 2 months ago
  Yggdrasill4's level?
greyanna 2 months ago
  My opinion:

we should tribute Oldmtnguy with the 250 official. Maybe Simon or lmr could design it cause Simon's are the favorite type of OMG and i guess lmr stays closed to him.

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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