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Magic_X 9 years ago
  Congrats CamoDragon on becoming a Trusted Member!
chris3000 9 years ago
  I'm not being harsh guys, but i would like to do the rest of the officials.
CamoDragoon 9 years ago
All this controversy is quite detrimental to the health of the game :).
@Chris1, I read them, just didn't have anything to say back.
Would have posted this sooner, but can't double-post.

EDIT:@TM, ok, most of that was my view, part of it was @ OMG, in his section it was a bit more directed than the others. (no offense meant or taken, OMG)
ToughMan 9 years ago
  CD. It has long passed u and quite frankly I don't hold anything against you. I said and will repeat, on a personal LVL it is quite an achievement and congrats. The criticism here is on the decision itself. U are the reason and not the cause of this debate. We are, however, criticizing the cause so please don't get offended and don't try to justify the decision. I can really bring several arguments as to why El decided that but NONE would be convincing.

@Chris: It is quite harsh to say we ignore ur comments. I personally (and if I may add OMG) have written many msgs to you, ur achievements, ur prospects, etc.

I believe the whole thing has gotten out of control and all I can do is give it a rest and try not to get involved so much. I am really happy with the few friends I have here and don't want to spoil it to you guys.
chris3000 9 years ago
  every comment i've posted so far, everyone has ignored, i am a part of this community too
gundu 9 years ago
  @Oldmtnguy, Dah, Sorry if my comments seems to be rude but they are 100% not rude, I'm just joking on this.

I mean, I read book and everything, but I'm not really a "fan" of reading, So I just wanted to post a "little joke" like this. Never take my comments as an insult, Because they're never be one (They are exceptions like everything)
ToughMan 9 years ago
  WTG OMR!!! You really deserve it. Ur contribution to the game has been enormous.
@Elizea: I am really sorry u still have not gotten the point. It is not a matter of getting the 'title' but it is a matter of NOT following the rules of the game. Or even worse try to bypass rules. Try and remember why a couple of months ago u DELETED a player from the ARchery Award (don't recall who it was). Because HE DIDN'T achieve it. That is the point of an award. And it feels a lot better when ppl appreciate ur effort. I really hope u get my point this time.
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  Thank you for the TMing Elizea. I hope it will improve my efficency.
chris3000 9 years ago
  i don't care about being trusted, i just love solving levels and making them
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Many people make great levels here, you can't deny it.
Maxamed 9 years ago
  Why are so many people trusted around here?

Not being rude i'm just suspicious...
SimonM 9 years ago
  Congratz for being a trusted member oldmanrob!!
pauloalex 9 years ago
  Do not feel offended, EL.
Elizea 9 years ago
  If someone had told me that you weren't a trusted member, I wouldn't have believed him, but I guess I have to believe my own eyes...

...I fixed that Oldmanrob. When I added trusted members here, I dunno how I forgot you. I pretty basically took all the top names from designers list but dunno how I didn't remember you. I hope you can forgive me D:

And seriously you make the whole "title" too dramatic. In any other game people congratz people for getting it, but it really doesn't have any meaning. I guess I should I named it something else than trusted when telling the "trusted" idea to JP, to not make it so important sounding.
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  I'm 2 years and 10 days on BL and not a TM. So prabably being or not being (sounds like Hamlet) a TM isn't a question of time you are here.
pauloalex 9 years ago
  Who turned CamoDragon in trusted member? JP or EL? Sorry, but I think the most respected members of Blockoban being against it. Sorry, but I think the most respected members of Blockoban being against this decision. How a guy who does not even have a week of BL can be a trusted member?
SimonM 9 years ago
  13 years old isn't so young, I'm only 16 years old.
I just hope we will keep our wonderful community.
Jyxz 9 years ago
  13 year olds should be playing starcraft 2 not blockoaban camo, u could move to korea and make bank
chris3000 9 years ago
  i solved 211 officials so far, it's been like this for 2 weeks

and i think 5-8 new levels a day is too much, i can't keep up sometimes. i'm glad there's almost 2700 levels but that's just too much.
Jyxz 9 years ago
  Whats all this drama about... seems like Camo was made a trusted member to see if that would allow him to bypass the upload 1 level a day thing... maybe im far off... uh camo did you say you solved all the levels before becoming a member or something? (I solved almost all the official before becoming a member) was so annoying to resolve.
Garygoh884 9 years ago
  Aowyn, welcome to our club!
oldmtnguy 9 years ago
  A Big Congratulations to Aowyn for the Archery Award!!!

@ gundu It's a shame that you will miss out on so much knowledge and entertainment in your life by refusing to read. And using that time to post rude remarks.
Elizea 9 years ago
  Bah idk why you guys make the trusted thing look more dramatic tham it is. I can't see why CD would edit his accepted levels for no reason, and at least I don't have to kep recategorizing them after your comments lol.
gundu 9 years ago
  I'm really curious but, My curiousity don't even want to read all these messages :O

(Don't know why?)

Well, Good luck for reading this, I can't, That's probably why I almost never finished to read a book... Too long D:
oldmtnguy 9 years ago
  I have to voice my opinion on this subject. I didn't expect you to become a trusted member either. I want to echo what TM said that trust takes a matter of time. You may prove to be one of the best members in this community. But that remains to be seen. As of right now I am taken back a little bit by your somewhat cocky attitude and assurance that this would have been inevitable. Patience is a virtue, trust needs to be earned, and I believe that instant gratification is really not in the best interest of anyone.
When I started on this site, I waited nine days for my first edited level be seen again. No offense to Elizea, because part of that was the fact that I did not know how to call an administrator. I'm not sure what his relationship and special interest in this whole episode is. I was under the impression that until you became a registered member on the site, you were unable to post messages or contact other members, so the personal familiarity somewhat eludes me.
It was months before the rest of us were deemed trustworthy. And I felt very honored, when the time came that I was asked to be an administrator. And I have the utmost respect for JP and Elizea, and all the other administrators trusted members.
Personally I have nothing to gain either way by the decision to place you in the same group. My only concern is with the high integrity that we've managed to achieve on this site and I don't want to see it compromised in any way. No personal offense meant or intended.
Now to answer your question on what being a trusted member allows you to do. What being trusted means is that you have the opportunity to sign on and edit any of your own personal levels, but does not give you the ability to edit for anyone else, unless you are listed as coeditor on that particular level. If you do edit a level, and it affects the outcome of a final score or changes the number of moves that it takes to complete a level, please call for an administrator to verify and adjust the scores.
Again, let me state the fact that I mean no personal offense and hope that none is taken, because I look forward to working with you in the future. But I feel it my duty as a member of this community to let everyone know how I feel and how much I respect this site and my position.
pauloalex 9 years ago
  But can do a level like PA?
chris3000 9 years ago
  hey that's my initials, CD, lol. well let me say that i just turned 19 and i still can't make a hard level like OMG, murat, or toughman.
pauloalex 9 years ago
  Oh, so that's it, CD ... lol!
ToughMan 9 years ago
  I believe 'trust' is a big word and is gained over time and it is really not a matter of some impersonnal exchange of e-mails. However, CD has gained the benefit of the doubt at least from my part and therefore would also like to welcome him on this small community. I have to agree with PA however, that 13yrs is just too young for what you represent and there is a skepticism (not disbelief but skepticism). Should this be the case however, mark my words when i say, you will npt stay too long here as I expect NASA to find you and recruit you....hehe. I am kidding and I do apologize for the humor CD. I have also read ur comments and to be honest most of them are convincing. Keep it rolling and let's c where that take us.
As for the real Trusted Member honour all I can say is Welcome and Use it wisely. No offense CD, you may be the best and most talented, skillful, remarkable, etc person ever, but I am 100% against this decision to smn who is only a member for 2 days. On a personal level it is amazing and WTG CD but on the community end I am disappointed. I believe a little more time was all we needed to really trust CD and then give a very diservable honour. It is quite unfair, after all, to players like LMR, GIS, JOE, etc who have been active and are all willing to contribute - maybe not with 800 lvls within a few weeks - but with their ongoing work and effort. We have reached a level that u bcome a Trusted Member bfore actually being consider a Member. I may have crossed the line here but had to say things exactly how I feel them.
Daft_Punk 9 years ago
  Dang! Congrats on becoming trusted after just a few days! xP

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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