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Im 10 years ago
  Yay! That sounds awesome.
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  I am making the Game Maker 7 version of this game. It has not yet been released, so stay tuned.
Jyxz 10 years ago
  garygoh, making some sick levels, very appreciated.
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  Why there were there "thumbs up" on the highscores, only this game?
lololol 10 years ago
  well, thats no suprise! XD
Iv'e tried some of them and i can't disagree :D
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  I have 57% of the hard levels created by me (exluding rejections).
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  jp, I like the iPhone version of the game and I would be happy if I see some screenshots of the levels made by me, which is in the iPhone version.

And also, I would also appreciate that my Pink Panther (BLockoban) is on the trailer.
gameinsky 10 years ago
  why do the Iphone versions are so much cooler than the flash ones ?
jp 10 years ago
  You beat me, I was about to post it.
You can also view the presentation page on BL : BLOCKOBAN for iPhone.
pauloalex 10 years ago
  you still get there, Yggdrasill4. I've also had difficulties at many levels of this game. I wish you good luck.
Yggdrasill4 10 years ago
  It would be abnormal to not feel fustrated with some of these puzzles, but in turn, solving it becomes all the more rewarding. Their is no pressure like time limit, so take all the time you need with cognition, I myself took over two whole hours solving one of the harder puzzles at the end of the list and I am pretty much oblivious with the amount of moves I make yet I made it to the top 20... lol whatever.
Jyxz 10 years ago
  I think chris is saying that he is realizing he is a noob cause he cant solve some of the harder levels, well I have solved every level chris and i will admit some took me days or even months, sometimes you gotta pay it for an hour go think about it then solve it, also you should solve all the easier levels as they teach you tricks that without you can't even begin to solve the harder levels.
Mo 10 years ago
  I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. If you don't like hard levels, just don't do them. There are plenty of easier ones to choose from. If you don't like the game then just go play something else and be happy.
Jyxz 10 years ago
  its about hard levels, who would want easy levels... i honestly dont get it, go throw rocks at other rocks, thats ez
murtaza64 10 years ago
  I agree with chris1. When the levels were still in the low 900s/high 800s, the levels were quite easy. NOW LOOK!
Ahroo 10 years ago
  Meh, they don't do anything to me. :P
austrian 10 years ago
  now I'm in the top 100.
Hexicube 10 years ago
  people do that, JP tries his best to get rid of those people(he should make their vote power 0 lol)
Jac1 10 years ago
  @Garygoh884: Yes I realised that too. I don't know why though.
Mo 10 years ago
  Yes, Marc, I think that JP's rating system tries to take into account people who rate unfairly and adjust some for that, though he should rightly not say how it works so that people won't figure how to work around it so easy. Actually the designer list is no big deal to me, but still makes me wonder if it has any logic to it since it includes at least one person with only one blue level rated at 3.2.

Edit: Ahh ok, I see what you mean, Elizea.
Elizea 10 years ago
  umm... actually its that you have to have enough rates in your levels Mo, ive seen people to get with 2-3 levels to designer list in jg2, but here i had to do like 30-40 =P
Hexicube 10 years ago
  he means someone is rating all that 1/5 wrongly (I think)
Mo 10 years ago
  Really Elizea? I thought there was certain number of levels, like ten or so that you have to have accepted to make the designers list. I have seven levels put in so far with one official and allot of ratings, most at around 4.8 but I'm not in the designer list.
Elizea 10 years ago
  what you mean brolling?

in bb even one rate means pretty much in designer list as there arent many / none rates in levels :P
Treazer 10 years ago
  Any1 rate all levels by gundu 1!!! Whos that???

edit: Elizea, i mean here is an unfair rater! Any1 rate all levels 1/5!
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  The information on 3(H2) + O3 = 3(H2O) (BLockoban) (this) cannot be opened.
Ahroo 10 years ago
  I play for hours, Elizea isn't slipping. xP
Elizea 10 years ago
  well i still have a life too, or atleast i hope so =)

btw didnt remember to mention that anyone can comment purple levels even an admin hadnt commented it, only on rejected and to-be-evaluated an admin has to comment 1st
Mo 10 years ago
  13 whole minutes?! Wow, Elizea, you are slipping ;)

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jp 12 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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