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Topic, Game "BLockoban"

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Jim674 10 years ago
  This game is way too hard
cheese9 11 years ago
  I will free you from this torture...Underground (BLockoban) and Green Lazer (BLockoban) ;)

Edit: The edit and remove buttons only appear on your own comments, as for the rest of us.

Edit2: No, all of my latest improvements on the archery score came 10 days ago :)
boogiebee 11 years ago
  I've been waiting for the 'other shoe to fall', my curiosity is getting the better of me, should I ask which level? =-p
P.S. How can I get rid of the 'edit-remove' icons appearing on my comments? I seem to be the only person who has them. (groan)
P.P.S. Archery?
P.P.P.S. Ah hah , a little older, a little wiser, thank you!
cheese9 11 years ago
  Yes, couldn't control myself :/
gameinsky 11 years ago
  eww you changed it...
sycoraximperator 11 years ago
  Hail to the vikings..... :-)
cheese9 11 years ago
  Thanks. Hope there will no more new officials for a while :)
gameinsky 11 years ago
oldmanrob 11 years ago
  Indeed. Cheese9 you should not change it. ;)
MartinfraKongsberg 11 years ago
  cheese9: Congratulations! Nice score!
MartinfraKongsberg 11 years ago
  OK, I got it. Thanks for the explanation!
jp 11 years ago
  I understand what happened, rad crefully because this is not easy to explain and understand ^_^

Once (2 or 3 months ago), only 10 scores by accepted levels were kept. So your old score has been removed more than 2 or 3 months ago wihtout you noticed.

The "Best levels you didn't score" feature the highest rated levels with tht condition that they have at least 3 raters. These levels were very good levels but rated by only 2 people. Recently, somebody rated these levels. And they suddenly appeared on the list of "Best levels you didn't score".
MartinfraKongsberg 11 years ago
  I have solved them now, so it says "No matching levels" there, but one of them was "Puzzle face", and there's only 12 people who has solved it.
jp 11 years ago
  @Martin, about your message 1 day ago, it can happens becasue we keep only the 100 best scores for acepted levels. Only the yellow levels keep all their scores.

Nevertheless, can you post one of the levels, in order I can check it's not a bug.
boogiebee 11 years ago
  Likewise Marty, be sure to wear your 'happy face'! =-)
P.S.: Happy birthday!
MartinfraKongsberg 11 years ago
  I'm drunk. Not gonna play tonight. Happy birthday everybody!
MartinfraKongsberg 11 years ago
  Yesterday suddenly 5 old levels turned up on my "Best levels you haven't scored on", so something technical must have been done yesterday.
oldmanrob 11 years ago
  If today is the wish-day, may I kindly ask to have the same also for the blue lavels too. At least it would be nice to see witch one you have already played and witch not.
MartinfraKongsberg 11 years ago
  OK, but when you have time, I would really appreciate it!
Another improvement would be to see the best all time score on each level, as you can for your own score, when you hold the mouse cursor over a level.
Keep up the good work! I just love wasting time here!
jp 11 years ago
  MartinfraKongsberg, not sure I can do this right now ^_^, too busy.
MartinfraKongsberg 11 years ago
  JP, can you please move the "Retry"- and "Restart"-button, or at least make a warning like "Are you sure you wanna retry?"?
I have more than once been a little enthusiastic when only having a few more blocks to set a highscore (for example a few minutes ago, almost solving "Puzzle face" in less than 300 moves, when I unfortunately hit one of those buttons.
Or if you have any other solution to my problem...
Jac1 11 years ago
  Look in the FAQ, you'll find it.
boogiebee 11 years ago
  How do you mask a comment with the 'SPOILER' label?

Edit: The FAQ's were not accessable due to a pop-up blocker even while holding the control key. The FAQ address would disappear from the bottom tool bar on my screen unless I held the mouse left-click button. I clicked on the FAQ, held the left-click button, positioned the cursor on the address at the bottom, released the button and voila, there it was. Thanks
cheese9 11 years ago
  Good luck ;)
metakirby22 11 years ago
  okay, thanks
cheese9 11 years ago
  Icy blocks moves when they're hit by another block. If you play thorugh the official levels you will see it yourself. I suggest you do that before making more levels. It's hard to make good levels without having played any levels yourself.
metakirby22 11 years ago
  what's the differance between a normal block and an ice block?
Garygoh884 11 years ago
  Oh, no. One of my levels is rejected. I should try harder...
boogiebee 11 years ago
  Which level are you on Hystericles?
Hystericles 11 years ago
  I had it beaten and 2 green blocks disappeared, I did not have enough blocks to be it.....glitch!

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jp 12 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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