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Monster 11 years ago
  Question .... If i redo levels more efficiently, will my score("moves") drop?
jp 11 years ago
  There are a few levels added from time to time but not always official. Being an official is more and more difficult as it has to be different from other official levels.
xmachinex 11 years ago
  When there will be new official levels? :D ... noone make new levels anymore? :(
jp 11 years ago
  There is already a highscore by level, click on the "Highscores" tab below the level name, near the "Comments" tab.

[edit] you beat me Asforien.
Asforien 11 years ago
  When you select a level, the comments and highscore tabs will appear on the right of this area.

[edit] ehehe I was planning to reply for a while but I was doing some other stuff before this...
patio09 11 years ago
  Would it be possible to see a highscore per level ??
I see Cheese9 did it in half the moves than me and I wonder where I lost my points ??
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  Playing full screen doesn't work for me ;'(
polleke 11 years ago
does anybody has a hint for the right part in Spark Mirror ?

[edit jp]This has been replied in the level comments itself.
jp 11 years ago
  Tehg ame is designed for a size of 500x500. You can play it fullscreen by using the direct swf ( )
But on this url you will not be able to post comments and look at the highscores.
xwfh2000 11 years ago
  I found that when the map is large,the tile is too small,how can I play this game fullscreen?
Andy 11 years ago
  I've noticed that the selection tool is only available until you select any other tool while creating a level.
Andy 11 years ago
  When I started playing Blockoban, it was hard, but after getting in the mindset of it, the difficulty becomes throughly enjoyable.
jp 11 years ago
  Yes I saw this, we lack starting levels. It's almost the same problem with RT IMO because after tuto level it becomes quite hard.

For BLockoban, maybe an infinite undo function would be nice.
Asforien 11 years ago
  Almost everyone on newgrounds seems to think the levels are too hard... Probably the level ordering isn't very appropriate and we lack some starting levels? Also I think some of the more massive official levels are just tedious and don't really involve much puzzle-solving. Really gets irritating when you make two wrong moves and have to redo the whole thing.
cheese9 11 years ago
  Yes, Climbing wall was supposed to have only one solution, but I failed to see that there was more than the one I had in mind. Unfortunately that made it a bit easier.
jp 11 years ago
  Yep interestingnew levels.
That's interesting to notice that we have very few hard levels. I wonder if it is possible to make such levels. I don't mean long level (number of moves) I mean short, elegant and difficult. The new "Climbing wall" level was an interesting idea but it turned to be not as hard as expected.

[edit] @Asforien, yep I've released this morning a 88 level version on a couple of sites (, newgrounsd etc...). It got a nice rating on ng 3.5 but it will not be enough to get many hits there.
Asforien 11 years ago =O
Andy 11 years ago
  It's nice to see some cool new levels lately. Keep up the good work guys!
jp 11 years ago
  I was thinking about cracked wall instead of cracked blocks. But you're right, this is different but pretty similar to ice blocks. I'm not sure if this would open the door to many new kind of levels.
Asforien 11 years ago
  Cracked blocks would be nice, I've thought of them before too. But I'm not sure how similar they would be to the icy blocks we have now.
Friend 11 years ago
  What you said about numbers gave me an idea! Mobile hit bombs: hit them too many times and everything in it's range is gone, strategic placement on the last hit could make interesting levels.
Andy 11 years ago
  Friend, I was thinking of something like this, but where the block had a number on it, corresponding to how many impacts it could take before disappearing. I don't know how it would change the mechanics, but I thought it would be cool.
Friend 11 years ago
  You could make cracked blocks, they could hit walls and blocks without anything special happening, but if you tried to use it as a support, it would smash. BLocks could come previously cracked or there could be special ways to crack them.
jp 11 years ago
  Asforien is now admin for this game he can edit and accept new levels. Thx Asforien :)
Lisa 11 years ago
  Help with level corner connections please
jp 11 years ago
  Oh yes I saw this pb once on a mac I was testing in a store. I don't think I will be able to solve this one.
loveberry 11 years ago
  Hi JP, just not much of a designer myself. Also the level editor doesn't seem to work on my computer (really old mac). The gameplay is petty slow, too, but it's worth it for such a great game.
Andy 11 years ago
  vidagrrl, I put a new comment up for the level Hexagon that should help.
vidagrrl 11 years ago
  I know the levels have been opened...but I really can't get Hexagon...or level 48. Can anyone help???
jp 11 years ago
  @loveberry, all designers have swapped to Rolling Turtle I think :) Did you try to make one ?

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jp 12 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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