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AK 8 years ago
  6:00 AM?!?!?!?

Do you get ANY sleep?
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  Almost out of computer time. After that I can't use the computer until 6:00am tomorrow. I will read all comments upon my return, so no need to wait until tomorrow! Get ready for another wave of CD levels! XD
AK 8 years ago
  Crap. Not another BB player with super hard levels. I rarely ever play this game because the "easy" levels are always hard and the "hard" levels are always "fgewjdbcjhcbeiugjkdbdijkwedjhxkasjhisja is that even POSSIBLE!?!?!?"

I just think a beginner should tell admins what categories levels should be in, because some experts think some levels are easy, even though 90 % of people can't do it.
CamoDragoon 8 years ago
  Thanks TM. That "small improvements" thing is definitely thought about in my JG2 levels :). I always try to think about the balance between just spouting off levels and making good, fun levels. I try to (or tend to, at least) put a lot of variety into my works, which means mixed feelings for me as a level creator are almost guaranteed (from other players). Many of the levels (in fact, most of the levels) I make aren't extremely hard; they're usually kids or easy, sometimes medium.This, combined with the facts that I rarely have a structured design in my head before a level is created, and much of my joy in this game is creating enjoyable levels and having them evaluated (by players), I spout out many levels every day. Most of them will be pushovers to most people, but I hope I bring enjoyment to players of this game. (especially amatuers :) )

EDIT: And sorry about edit4. Should have figured that one out :).

EDIT2:Don't worry AK. I will usually lean towards hard in a situation where a level may be categorized hard/medium. Trust me, most TM/Murat "hard" levels are categorized "near humanely impossible" for me XD. If I call a level kids, it's because I know that an 8-9 year old could easily do that level straight away, if not after a few tries.
ToughMan 8 years ago
  WELCOME ABOARD CamoDragoon!!! No Offense but from now on u are CD...hehe. I can assure u CD that our thirst for the game is so much that we always welcome new and fresh ideas. I apologize for not responding earlier but as very accurately Simon noticed we all live in different time zones. All i can say is Good Luck and I promise you have ur comments as anyone else. Every designer deserves a comment either good or bad. As for the 800 I really can't wait to start playing and enjoying lvls but one has to hold a small basket too. The good thing is that the first view is quite positive and I trust you have many others similar. A small suggestion: Try improving quality rather than quantity, meaning from your 800+ lvls choose wisely each time the next upload and before doing so try to improve it or alter it to make it better. And a HUGE tip: Whatever happens don't get disappointed because of bad critics or ratings. We are a community with all sort of ppl and opinions and the bad thing is that BAD critics often prevail. A good critic may not be posted while a bad one is 10times more possible to be on the board. Anyway, that for now and again WELCOME!!
SimonM 8 years ago
Not everyone will comment directly on levels, we live in different time zones.
SimonM 8 years ago
  Good to see an other enthusiastic BB level maker(you say you have made 800+ levels o_O, can't wait to see them)
lmr 8 years ago
  TM and SimonM check your pm if you are there. Have fun.
lmr 8 years ago
  The next day I was no longer top of the perhaps, you are top of the list when you achieve the best score that day. Then the the next day; new person. Anyway, just knowing you you did it feels good whether you are on the top or the bottom!(of the list)
Mo 8 years ago
  From my observations playing this game for the last two years I have seen that similar scores used to be recorded in the order they were completed. JP would know how it works now but I noticed it changed about 6 months to a year ago. For example, in levels where there are several people with the same score, I really can't predict where I will be placed when I first record my score. Seems like about 3 out of 4 times it places you at the end of the list, and the other times it either places you first or right in the middle of the list.
Money666 8 years ago
  The rank goes after how did complet the all the levels first.
MartinfraKongsberg 8 years ago
  Perhaps the system rank similar scores after the date the players profile was established?
ToughMan 8 years ago
  I still think the system is more sophisticated than we all think and it just knows how many tries each score was given and I believe the order follows that rule. Therefore even if smn is the first to post a high score i.e. after 4 tries then the next guy to post a similar score with less tries (i.e.1-3) will be ranked first irrespective of time. I really can't believe a scoring system can be configured to work RANDOMLY. Even in excel (that you expect it to work randomly if not given a formula) ranking follows at least an Alphabetical or other sort of priority. We could always try to c if I'm right or wrong but needs a good coordination.
nelson90 8 years ago
  @Gundu: I think Elizea is right. Five minutes ago, I saved a score of 7 for Justice Cross. Before that, Martin was first, and now he is 2nd.
Ferrari12 8 years ago
  That's what I thought as well, it's true when you score 1 on JG2, the last one with the score comes on the bottom.
lmr 8 years ago
  Gundu, I can see that I have retained # 1 position for Catalst Corners, having been the first to achieve that score. So your theory is most likely correct. As for the following order the only way to know would be if each person were to submit the time of their achievement. A time zone would have to be chosen as we are spread across the world.
gundu 8 years ago
  I think the latest one who complete the level with the same score as the other will be under (The first one having this score will always be first, 2nd will stay 2nd... and so on)
Elizea 9 years ago
  I guess the order is completely random, as long as the scores were submitted the same day.
ToughMan 9 years ago
  @jp or any admin (TRIVIAL): I always wondered how tie breaker between same scores is performed on each scoreboard. At first I thought it was alphabetiacally, then I thought it was random and then I thought it was first in top of the list but I have noticed lately that in cases I have played a lvl very few times my score is on top of the corresponding ranking whereas in lvls like this one which i tried zillions of times to reach OMG's score my score is below OMG (in both cases another player had the score on board prior to my efforts). Is my understanding correct or is it random and i am losing time here.
Ferrari12 9 years ago
  Mine got blue, I just discovered now, I think yours'll be too. The name of mine is Moving Around.
Money666 9 years ago
  I did use 112 moves to finish my level a really epic score. I hope also that yours will be blue. I suck to this game but it is one of the best.
Ferrari12 9 years ago
  I've made my first just a couple of hours ago.
Money666 9 years ago
  I have finish my first Blockoban level. I hope that it is challenge to complet it. It is possible and maybe another killer level for cris1
chris3000 9 years ago
  You guys are trying to kill me with the hard levels. I can't do but so much. i think it's mostly murat, TM, and OMG's lvls that are the problem. They seem confusing at first.

Ok, i beat murat's adaptable box lvl. I don't know about the rest of them.
lmr 9 years ago
  I love you guys. Thank-you.
oldmtnguy 9 years ago
  Hey LMR
Glad that you're back. I was just getting ready to post a request here for one of our super technology wizards to see if they could give a hand. You can't count on me computer guru wise, but there are a lot of brilliant members out there. And I'm sure they'd be happy to help if you or anyone else encounters this type of problem again. Or any other type for that matter. Don't worry about sounding rude because you weren't. We all get dang upset at times with this game. Sometimes not being able to play and sometimes just playing certain levels. Looking forward to future challenges and submissions from you. Hang in there! And Welcome Home.
ToughMan 9 years ago
  It must be one of your talents LMR. That was some really strong (the least I can think of) language but you managed to be very charming throughout the msg and in the end you just became a sweetheart. For what is worth i really didn't mind and was probably smt you needed to get out of ur system. I am happy you got the appropriate assistance and sad I couldn't be much of a help. Pleased to see you back and hope u keep making your great creations. 5/5 for coming back in such a good mood...hehe
lmr 9 years ago
  I was able to get help through contact on the bottom of the page.I'm back. Sorry for allowing my frustration make me sound so rude.
chris3000 9 years ago
  This game is getting harder for me beacuse i've done most of the kids, easy, and medium levels. I have a bunch of mediums and hards left to solve.
lmr 9 years ago
  I am a cmputer illerterate. I do not log in to anything. But I chose to log in to BB in July. Some a@#$$= has chosen to ruin this for me. For the last three days I have not been able to access the game. Every thing else on my computer works. I have tested and restored to the best of my advice and ability. I can not afford to pay some tech guy to fix whatever a!@##$ did. I hope all you good people have better protection and karma. I hope that karma bites his a-!@@#$%. I also wish that the 400lb .black bear that likes to sleep on my front porch at this time of year could get a!@@##$
SimonM you have made so many great levels. Gundu starting from your age...mavin. Pauloalex,I know you have not always liked my levels, and I have had difficulties with yours, we operate on different brainwaves, but I love the challenge. Toughman, there are no words for you, the best!. Omg,hope a pm will go through, it will take a novel to describe how wonderful you are.
I don't know what else I can do. I feel like part of my life has been taken away. and I really hope to someday find a way to fix what some person( i am trying very hard not to be rude) screw=d.

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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