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jp 10 years ago
  Yes new music I was fed up with the old one. I'm not sure I can use this one as it is from an old game called Atari Karts, but who cares, it's just on BL.

There is also an invisible update on the game that records the best replays. I don't plan to use them on BL but only on the iPhone version. Complete as many levels as possible if you want to help :) .

[edit] I added the link in the play tab.
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  I think jp should add the walkthrough link made by me on the play instructions tab.
niimporta 10 years ago
  I love the new music! never change it >:D!
Asforien 10 years ago
  O_O New music??
Jyxz 10 years ago
  I really feel like levels like you describe JP should just be rejected... I mean quad transfer has 4 blocks attached and I think the only person who can even really tackle that level is paulo... I've solved it twice and to be honest I only see the solution like 4 moves away I try to think 6 moves ahead.. but its harsh.
jp 10 years ago
  11x9 is perfect. Actually that would be great if all levels can be this size too :) .

What great walkthroughs you made Garygoh884!

An expert category ? I do'nt think we need it, the hard doesn't contain as many levels as the other categories. I think we can make nightmare levels by building a random level with complex groups, then you test, you make some random moves and afer 100 moves, you come back to the editor and you create the targets. :) That would be expert levels :)
Ahroo 10 years ago
  Thanks, Im. :)
Im 10 years ago
  Kid levels should be 9x9 or less.
Ahroo 10 years ago
  Can someone please remind me of the size that a kids level should be?
gameinsky 10 years ago
  hmmm, right...
then 85% of the levels are for me the hard ones...
oldmanrob 10 years ago
  I don't think that we need a new category. There are two kind of levels the easy ones and the hard ones. The easy ones are the ones I solved with a good score. The hard ones are the others.
Jac1 10 years ago
  Called an admin for "expert" category.
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  jp, if they are new to this game, they may learn how to play with the 23-level walkthrough for the first levels.
pauloalex 10 years ago
  jp, hear our prayer!
Jyxz 10 years ago
  Yes I can agree with that paulo, I think some other levels should be also like that one that I thought was impossible of elizeas but was really just an amazing level
pauloalex 10 years ago
  suggest that the levels archery and quadruple transfer are placed in "expert" category.
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  It is because that the first half of the levels are very easy, and the other half of the levels are hard.
MIT2000 10 years ago
  Why some offical level are too easy?
jp 10 years ago
  I've just corrected the title. That's strange I had thought it was not possible anymore to submit the same title...
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  There are two levels which has the same title: Divide 2 (BLockoban) for Yourself and then Divide (BLockoban) for Ourselves.
Ahroo 10 years ago
  True, that'd be useful...
geckojsc 10 years ago
  I just made a kids level, but it might be a bit too hard, so if the moderators think it is they can fill in some of the gaps or change it to easy.

I just had an idea for the BL system, although it might not be easy to implement. When we create levels we could have the option of adding notes with our level. Only admins would see these notes. It could give them information about the level, such as what they might want to change or asking for their opinions. This would mean you don't have to wait for the level to be accepted or commented in order for you to tell the mod something, then I wouldn't have had to post this message here.
gameinsky 10 years ago
  Time to enoy another few kid levels :p
Jyxz 10 years ago
  kinda like a smile
pauloalex 10 years ago
  jyxz, why you live writing "hahaha"??? what's the fun?
Jyxz 10 years ago
  I know these levels are meant for kids but some of them are quite intriguing and good or not it is very nice having 9 new levels a day hahahaha.
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  The current official levels may have the category from "easy" to "kids". Will you update them?
pauloalex 10 years ago
  the problem is that many levels away new players!
gameinsky 10 years ago
  What about a *bonuslevel* , not that small, easy.
Just to let you breath away for a minute, positioned each 10 levels.
Good idea ?
pauloalex 10 years ago
  ok, indifferent to me. I do all levels, official or not.

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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