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pauloalex 9 years ago
  TM, I really admire your comments about me. Thank you. I also think its excellent levels and I think JP could look better for our levels. Does not deserve also have official levels?
ToughMan 9 years ago
  If i may ask. What is a levelpack and how do you make it?
pauloalex 9 years ago
  I have a pack too!Pauloalex┬┤s Pack
gameinsky 9 years ago
  For BB players who ddin't compleed all levels; Click here for a levelpack!
chris3000 9 years ago
  You know i don't bother with the levels that require over 300 moves to finish. It's just too tedious for me.
Elizea 9 years ago
  Yup, atm there are 181 5/5 rated levels =]
allyally 9 years ago
  You do realise that BB has page upon page of 5/5 lvls?
Shiro 9 years ago
  ~Lol fail~
gameinsky 9 years ago
  A traitor, we should have known!
SuperDog 9 years ago
  Comment 1100

I like BB2 more
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Use your lightsaber!
Garygoh884 9 years ago
  Use the force, Elizea, don't expect to have some trouble in solving the hard ones.
Elizea 9 years ago
  I have only 20 officials left =]
Maybe someday... someday...
SimonM 9 years ago
  I still have 84 officials left
chris3000 9 years ago
  I have 119 officials left. That's kind of disappointing.
pauloalex 9 years ago
  Which levels you need to complete all official levels?
SimonM 9 years ago
  maybe he is the teacher xp
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Wha the heck has this guy to behive like a teacher ?
Slapfoot 9 years ago
oldmtnguy 9 years ago
  Thanks chris1. Nice to hear that you enjoy the games. We need you players to keep us going as designers. You keep it up too! Wasn't it just 2 weeks ago that you hit the 500 mark?
chris3000 9 years ago
  almost 600 levels complete! good work creators, keep it going
Elizea 9 years ago
  For any Blockoban designer who is wondering why their new levels aren't getting official

When a new player finds a game, over 250 official levels might scare him away from the game. Also official levels are for the new players. More experienced players play the new accepted levels too, as you might have seen =]

This game might get few, very few, officials more. I don't how many if any, but just saying this if you guys are wondering =]

We get at the moment levels that are way better than the official levels, and almost any level made today had been official if made 2 years ago =]

I thank you designers for understanding. I like getting levels official too, but I hope the reason you are making the levels is that you find it fun, just like me.
chris3000 9 years ago
  Oh, and where do you come with those level names, they're pretty clever. I'll make another hard level someday.
chris3000 9 years ago
  Aren't you all running out of level ideas, i mean 1700 is a lot. I wonder how long this will keep going, xD. Plus i haven't made one good level for you guys to solve.
Jyxz 9 years ago
  crazy hard levels lately took me a while to solve them all , good work creators!
Jyxz 9 years ago
  yep I do sorry I havent put up a good score yet still working out kinks on toughmans other mind bombs, but dont I suggest u all get a head start cause otherwise your in trouble!
MartinfraKongsberg 9 years ago
  @Jyxz: I guess you mean Crossroad (BLockoban)?!
Hexicube 9 years ago
  lol this is also topic 42 =3
and yea I find this game boring too :_
Jyxz 9 years ago
  I think we ask too much of JP, anyone who wants select a particularly fun level to solve, and we can all work on it, I am going to be honest here there are too many levels, many of them extremely boring to go for best score... On a lot of the extremely hard levels I solve them more then once just because they are so challenging the 2nd time is often as hard as many other levels so I end up with a better score (generally).. I know different people find different levels more fun and what not but... lets get this started... I nominate CROSSROADS for a challenge level

edit: not that I ever think ill beat toughman on this one but hey who knows!
MartinfraKongsberg 9 years ago
  @jp: A list like that would have been great!

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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