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Topic, Game "BLockoban"

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gameinsky 10 years ago
  Boogibee got pwned by 208 by an amateur also known as gameinsky >_>
[edit]in his first try
oldmanrob 10 years ago
  90 moves. So, legalize it!
boogiebee 10 years ago
  I did complete 'This is a color' with 241 moves, quite a test!
P.S. I must need a *tonic*, egad, I shouldn't have posted my score. 8-/
Mo 10 years ago
  I thought it was pretty good, Jos. Did it in 41 moves but it maybe could be done in the 30's.
Ahroo 10 years ago
  @ Jos, it's good, I just haven't completed it yet. xD
Elizea 10 years ago
  as long as level is possible, not messy, thumbnail ok, title ok, has some challenge / trick and isnt a copy of already existing level, it should be accepted.
Jyxz 10 years ago
  I think the issue of what makes a good level should be addressed once again by the community, specifically topics such as:
1) Is any solvable level with a reasonable amount of blocks ok?
2) Do levels need a theme?
3) Other concerns people have?

Also on the music I know everyone is going nuts over it or least everyone was, I'd still like to know if its possible to make the default muted since I am assuming most people play with it off.
Jos 10 years ago
  Is there someone who now why a level from key stants between my levels. (This is a color. (BLockoban)).

Edit: I saw it: I am an editor of it; that's special (I edited it. Is the level better or not?)
oldmanrob 10 years ago
  'The Exorcist' great movie. Could be a good name for a level. But of corse not "kids", more "hard".
Ahroo 10 years ago
  That's why I don't watch many of those... they're just too scary. O_o

If you watched 'The Exorcist', too, good luck trying to sleep...

Get well soon. D:
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  key just sent me This is a color. (BLockoban) for edition and it's rejected. I was scared that the red block is the color of the blood. In some movies that I watched is "Mature 18" while I'm under age, im shaky in horror when I saw some crimson blood. I can't accept this level, please remove it.
Im 10 years ago
  Nice, gameinsky. :O
gameinsky 10 years ago
  I'm finaly in it !!!!
and with a good rate tooo :)
gameinsky 10 years ago
  Uh, I'm still not in the designer's list ? how weird...
Jac1 10 years ago
  I'm finally an addict! :)
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  So far I stayed at home thinking of how to win this. As I have successfully planned, I am able to win this level!
Elizea 10 years ago
  ah ye, it wasnt that hard after you complete the level itself :p
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  You have won the Archery (BLockoban) master achievement!
Elizea 10 years ago
  what...? :P
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  OMG, Elizea...!
jp 10 years ago
  @patio09, yes this is a nice improvement already requested by many of you. For official levels only, as there are too many approved levels on most of the games.

@pauloalex, the iPhone version will provide the solution for some levels :) I don't think it's very rewarding to solve a puzzle with the solution but I want to avoid too much frustration.
patio09 10 years ago
  While we are at propositions for improvements (are there any possible ?) I would like to extract some data like my score and the top score in each level. This could be any format :-)
pauloalex 10 years ago
  if somebody makes a video showing how to do archery, I quit to Bonuslevel. That would be a lack of respect for the competitors.
jp 10 years ago
  @Ahroo, there is a mute button on the starting screen, but I should add it in the game too.

@boogiebee, yes there will be an option to turn the music off.
Ahroo 10 years ago
  How about a mute button? :D

This game seems to be lacking one... D:
boogiebee 10 years ago
  Bear with me please, not to beat a dead horse here, but wouldn't constant background music on an iPhone do serious battery drain as it does on the Gameboy sets? If so, some alternate would be advisable.
Vasilok97 10 years ago
  please make a button to switch music!
gamelover101 10 years ago
  I think it should be able to turn on/off the music while playing a level.
ost000101 10 years ago
  New Music???
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  Sorry, I won't tell you. It is meant for experts.

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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