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Topic, Game "BLockoban"

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garrafa 10 years ago
  ok dictator Asforien Hussein. You give the orders, not it?
Asforien 10 years ago
  Okay, I've explained why the two levels were rejected. It's up to you if you're going to accept it, I'm not going to waste any more time trying to explain if you still believe your level is good.
garrafa 10 years ago
  comment my level Garrafa too, Asforien.
Asforien 10 years ago
  I'm sorry, I'm pretty busy these days with my exams and all, so I don't always have time to post comments about rejected levels.

I've made a comment explaining why the level Four Way was rejected.

Since you requested, I'll try to comment on every rejected level from now on, but it gets a little boring when the levels are all rejected for the same reasons (too messy, too tedious, too easy, no harmony etc...)
gameinsky 10 years ago
  asforien commented on it why
metaknight91 10 years ago
  yeah, i agree with garrafa. four way is probably one of the best bb levels ever. i have no idea why it's rejected. :(
garrafa 10 years ago
  jp, I respect you and your position. Now, try to agree that Asforien is rejecting good levels, including the level Four Way by 1 jase, This level is very good. I like cheese9. He is a great administrator. He is just and know to accept the good levels.
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  jp, will the 177 levels version of this game be released to Newgrounds?
ladyinblue 10 years ago
  i like this game. it is different because you put new levels. thanks.
Shiro 10 years ago
  Jp, why can't we actually comment on our Rejected levels?
jp 10 years ago
  garrafa I can udnerstand you are angry because your level is rejected but we don't want people promoting their own level in the forum. That would be a mess.

Asforien, actually garafa can't post on her level while it is not approved or while an administrator has not already posted on it. sorry if it's not clear I should commnicate on this. I suggest posting a message on her level to let her know what she has to change or why it is rejected.
1jase 10 years ago
  It would be nice for two active administrators.
garrafa 10 years ago
  I hope that the rapid return of cheese9.
1jase 10 years ago
  I know I always ask this but why is this Four Way (BLockoban) rejected? is it to easy?

sorry but can you at lease leave a comment?
Asforien 10 years ago
  Okay, I've had it with you. I'm not deleting your messages anymore. This is your last warning: you can get restricted for posting irrelevant stuff on the game forum.

Only comments about the game in general go here.
Comments specific to a level go on the level's comment board.
Personal attacks go to the target's inbox.

And no, I am not a dictator, I am an administrator.
Treazer 10 years ago
  Stop spamming garrafa!!!
gameinsky 10 years ago
  That's just makes no sence garrafa...
garrafa 10 years ago
  you are a dictator, Asforien.
Asforien 10 years ago
  Double post, but this is important.

I have rejected several levels which were incomplete and left untouched for over a month. If you ever get around to completing your level, post a comment on the level to get us to look at it.

I don't understand how Blockoban levels can be left incomplete like that; how long does it take to create a level once you have an idea in your head?
Asforien 10 years ago
  LOOK, garrafa, if you would please read the guidelines before posting, it says:

Self promotion of your own levels is not allowed.

Also, please do not PM administrators to get them to review your level.
Shiro 10 years ago
  Congratz todoporedosor9!
cheeseguy111 10 years ago
  Same thing is happening to me, only it was 16 days.
Jos 10 years ago
  Hello, I uploaded a level (Red and Blue (not: Red And Bleu)) 17 days ago and the level is not yet evaluaded (I will remember the moderators to evaluad this level) and what I can do in the meanwhile? Only waiting?

(I upload the level now because there is a litle mistake in the title).
Jac1 10 years ago
Asiforen is back!
gameinsky 10 years ago
  yey ! now asforien can do the job of cheese because he is back!
1jase 10 years ago
  I have some levels that are waiting to be evaluated for 10 days now maybe we should have another admin here.
jp 10 years ago
  Yes I will look at the topic of levels that could be official ( ) soon. If you think some otehr BB levels should be in the list, you can post there.
Elizea 10 years ago
  @garygoh, ill call jp to answer your question :)
Garygoh884 10 years ago
  jp, do you want to make some more of the accepted levels to be official?
metaknight91 10 years ago
  all of iamstormtroopers levels :)

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jp 12 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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