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Petroski 11 years ago
  you can undo one move at the end if you press undo before they break
patio09 11 years ago
  kvan0302 start with official level 1 or 2 or search level easy (level 5) to start. Have a look on the highscores for these levels to check if your way is the right one.
Once you figured that out you can go on and enjoy this "non-stinking" marvelous game as we other do.
kvan0302 11 years ago
  i think im stupid. i cant figure out how to play the stinkin game!! HELP!!!
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  But actually there's a typo! :D
"administrator" instead of "adminSitrator".
jp 11 years ago
  ^_^ Yep too many was using this trick to show up their brand new level.
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  Nice "The level is not yet reviewed by an adminsitrator, you can't post a comment yet." update!
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  You can just vote again ?
Daje14 11 years ago
  Please can the rating system be changed to include a confirmation function so that fat fingered people like me don't unintentionally downgraded a level while not paying attention. Oops
doomlord 11 years ago
  Shouldn't this take less than 20 minutes to load, I try loading this and it moves so creepingly slow it's not even funny, but i can play these other ones easily
patio09 11 years ago
  On the top! Finally! (and probably not for long)
boogiebee 11 years ago
  Hello Rob.---(you've got mail!)
oldmanrob 11 years ago
  Hi. I'm new here. Or better new-registred. Like the game but i'm not very good. Terrible 13511 moves for the 88 levels. :( Well, I just want say hallo to everybody.
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  Yes, that was what i thought. (Money)
I would prefer apps like the versions of BLockoban/Rolling Turtle on for facebook.
jp 11 years ago
  Yes all good ideas :)
If I make a facebook version of the games, we'll need a lot of moderators for the levels :) Maybe I can just make a playable version of the games, and for level designer, registering on BL is the only way. I've already had a look to the way facebook apps are developped. This might be possible but not so easy.

Mobile is also a nice idea, and iphone too. That could make some money also.
Asforien 11 years ago
  jp, maybe you could develop facebook applications for your games!
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  Or BLockoban Lite (For mobile)!
radek8567 11 years ago
  In option select official I have 136 levels but in option play start I have 135levels.One of them disapeared
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  I think it would be both playable, very fun and an expirience.
The only thing that i have trouble figuring out is how the camera would work? If one for example makes a box map with the content inside, you would need to be able to zoom. And that would probably make it to advanced?
On the other hand, they could just be a bit opaque.
jp 11 years ago
  @Andy , I'm not sure if just adding new types of blocks is enougth to make a sequel.
Adding 3D like you suggested THeNiNJa is a nice thought but would be really playable ?
radek8567 11 years ago
  sorry I make a mistake and uploaded not finished level "stop3"

[asforien: it's okay, tell us when it's ready!]

[jp: oops sorry I think I've removed the level, because it was the kind of level that is only based on how much time yo want to spend on it]
THeNiNJa 11 years ago
  I want to see Blockoban 3D. :P
Andy 11 years ago
  jp, any plans for a Blockoban 2? With some of the new block types we mentioned a while back? I don't even think the graphics would need to change, maybe just some new colors.

Aside from new block types, it would also be nice to have 6 groups rather than 4. The same amount of groups as colors in other words. I know this would be difficult to implement graphically because of the way you define each group by a tab in one corner of the block, but it would be cool to see if you could figure out a way.
jp 11 years ago
  Oh sorry I had not seen your messages, yes the server was down for an unknown rason 4 days ago. It's reparied now. Sorry for the troubles.
WooHooII 11 years ago
  I emailed jp about that yesterday, and he said that the server was down.
patio09 11 years ago
  The service was unavailable to me yesterday. Was that global ?? I now getting once in a while an IOError 2032 when saving levels.
yaeluchia 11 years ago
  please!!! tell me if you like my Level!!!
And look all my flog pictures (the link page is on my Profile)
boogiebee 11 years ago
  "Editor Menu", level 81, Hint: The top white block isn't needed nor is the sticky pad. d%)
Monster 11 years ago
  this whole game (blockoban) is about "concept". if you understand the concept then you can solve any puzzle here.
think about how the peices move and more importantly where they are alowed to move. build bridges, build walls, it has everything to do with right angles. Good luck!

Mark your calendars.... I just beat a cheese9 score!
Sorry buddy but I’ve been chasing your numbers for far too long to pass this momentous occasion up. (Remember folks, it might not happen again for a long time but relish in the defeat of today!) "Here I come baby, comin’ to getcha" {jimi hendrix - foxy lady}
Monster 11 years ago
  8-4-08 @ 0219!!!!! Man, i thought it was never going to end! Just Kidding. Great Game!
cheese9 11 years ago
  Yes they will, Monster.

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jp 12 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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