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Topic, Game "BLockoban"

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geckojsc 9 years ago
  The music for the iPhone version of Blockoban is epic. I really think JP should use it here!
Jyxz 9 years ago
  I agree oldmanrob, this game has so much potential, everyone been kicking ass making levels.
oldmanrob 9 years ago
  So many GOOD levles with differnt seveity in the last days. Thank you to all creators. :)
ost000101 9 years ago
  No Elizea, Only 23 Official not already 25..
Gundu, 24...
Elizea 9 years ago
  yup, ive used few times Jyxz and Pauloalex to keep sure my level is possible x)
Jyxz 9 years ago
  If someone wants a level checked for possibilty I ask they post the link with the request thanks.
Asforien 9 years ago
  I'm not sure but I don't think it is, I can't get all the red blocks out of the circle while still being able to place the 2 white blocks
1jase 9 years ago
  Could someone good at this game make sure my level is possible?
gundu 9 years ago
  I have 25 too xD
pauloalex 9 years ago
  congratz!!! =D
Elizea 9 years ago
  oww i have already 25 BB officials :D
boogiebee 9 years ago
  Well Mo, I finished (This is a color) with a score in the 30's. I will not disclose lest it gets approved, it is really a good level and I hope an editor , administrator will take another look at it.

P.S. Just now reduced the score by one point.
P.P.S. Sorry Gameinsky, you not "DA MAN" now.....I am. =]
Jyxz 9 years ago
  Paulo, I know your way better then me that is why it is my goal to be able to solve a level that you cannot figure out, no matter how unrealistic that is...

As for score, I do not generally try to solve puzzles for least moves, I just like solving the puzzles, but I know you would crush me at that also.
pauloalex 9 years ago
  Jyxz, you started yesterday in Blockoban, then shut up. Try to gain experience, and not try to make the level impossible to defeat me, same because you will not get. I challenge you to beat my score in Blockoban, but I know that you can not.
Jyxz 9 years ago
  Actually I love trying to solve impossible levels because 1 day Pauloalex is going to go you know what this is impossible and check the scores and you know what he will see: Jyxz 167 Moves.

So please make all the super hard levels you want, (anything other then a huge mass of connected blocks im very into trying to solve)
kirrock 9 years ago
  But i wish i were good in this game :/
Elizea 9 years ago
  i would do harder levels but i couldnt prove that they are possible, causing a small problem :P

ofc i could do a level and link it here without evaluating it, if it is impossible i would edit it, but i dont think you guys like to use much time to solve impossible levels xD
Jyxz 9 years ago
  I think we need more blockoban levels, especially more challenging ones... so I can beat Pauloalex... well designers... lets go!
pauloalex 9 years ago
  now is possible...Jyxz, you will NEVER defeat me!
@Brolling, you´re right.
Elizea 9 years ago
  Jyxz, it has been changed :P
Jyxz 9 years ago
  I was able to complete fireball. Is it changed or have I finally defeated you Pauloalex.
Elizea 9 years ago
  you arent the only one who can see that

how did you find that level, it wasnt evaluated yet
pauloalex 9 years ago
  the level Fireball (BLockoban) is impossible!!!
murtaza64 9 years ago
  nice new music!
Garygoh884 9 years ago
  jp, please reset 999Nick999's score as he cheats in Redemption (BLockoban) with only 6 moves. I guess he is using the CheatEngine.
Jos 9 years ago
  But it's maybe true. My first levels where also bad but without help of other editors I have now 4 official levels.
gameinsky 9 years ago
  But if you feel like it, you can help him.
Else: just ignore the level.
Jos 9 years ago
  Oh, no goal. Ok. I'll remember. Thank you to say.
gameinsky 9 years ago
  Jos, it hasn't any goal.
Mostely begnner creators do that so they hope people will help them for him.
Bonusmonster did the same with many of us in JG2, without any good reason.
Admins shall send messages to people doing that and remove the editors.
Elizea 9 years ago
  ooh 200 official levels completed :D still 46 to go

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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