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Andy 11 years ago
  radek8567, Puzzle Garden is two puzzles in one. Or is it?
radek8567 11 years ago
  Can you tell me what or where is the tip to "puzzle garden". I am trying to solve this one but it is beyond my power. Please answer me if you can!!!
I am waiting
Karen 11 years ago
  I got pac-man. Build a 'bridge' with white at the very top of the two long tunnels.
evilglass 11 years ago
  What hints?
Karen 11 years ago
  I just started playing this game, and am now totally stuck on pac-man. I've read the hints, but they don't help me any. Please can somebody help me???
Yggdrasill4 11 years ago
  This is fun, but it has left me brain dead Xd
boogiebee 11 years ago
  I love that "New Score" header, bold type AND in red! WOW!
jp 11 years ago
  Yes I've updated, and I think you've got the 100 EXP also.
cheese9 11 years ago
  Some nice changes there.

Don't know if you have made the update for the Archery reward yet, but I believe I've gotten the award, but not the points that comes with it.
jp 11 years ago
  As you maybe noticed, you can now view the scores by categorie, and also the "all time", "month", "week" and "day" scores.
jp 11 years ago
  I added a new level achievement on Archery (BLockoban). Those who have already less than 100 moves on this level will not get the award for now, but I will make an update soon.
jp 11 years ago
  cheese9 has accepted to become level moderator for BLockoban. He's now a BLockoban expert and is the best person to check when the new levels are original and possible. Thanks for accepting this task.
(There is not a lot of level to evaluate but it's not easy to evaluate a level, to check if it's possible etc...)
pkb123 11 years ago
  This game is SO hard and i am getting the WORST scores!! Its a good game though :)
jp 11 years ago
  Sorry for the delay Monster, it's because there is a cache for the profile page, updaated everyday. Now your profile is showing #7 :)
Monster 11 years ago
  QUESTION ... On my profile page it says I'm ranked 15/353 but in the Highscores list I am #7. Can you explain the ranking system as well as the Exp points? (exp=experiance right? My ego likes to think it's expert :)
jp 11 years ago
  Yes sorry, explanations here.
boogiebee 11 years ago
  Hello HWANG, No it's probably universal , No levels are displayed on my system either! Other websites are alright. JP is very prompt in handling problems, so "Hang Tight" HWANG! =-) PS: We are all foreigners somewhere.
HWANG 11 years ago
  Level is removed.
What happend?
jp 11 years ago
  Mayeb you are talking about the member Psychotronic ? Psychotronic is an early member of BL he made very good levels, for example Sentries (BLockoban). But he's not active anymore.
boogiebee 11 years ago
  You are a busy fellow JP. Thank you very much. I have an old list of levels from months ago, which lists a level named "Psychotronic" but now as there is a player with that for a screen name I'm wondering if that level was renamed and if so what? Anyone have an answer? Thank you, BB
jp 11 years ago
  Yes maybe I should explain that to encourage people to register. For example after 10 levels completed, if the user is not registered, I should display a message like "Please note that your progress will be lost if you decide to register later. If you like the game and plan to play more levels, we strongly suggest that you register now."
blixem 11 years ago
  Yes kjgrant, now your frustration: when you finally register, you lose all levels, grrr
kjgrant 11 years ago
  Thanks boogiebee.

I'm a little disappointed I lost all my progress on Blockoban when I registered :(
boogiebee 11 years ago
  Hello Kjgrant, welcome to the fray, don't lose your wits! =)
Taekwondo0201 11 years ago
jp 11 years ago
  Oh thx, (I should have read your post until the end :) Slightly (BLockoban))
oldmanrob 11 years ago
  Sorry for the unclear formulation. Slyghtly is the level not the playername.
jp 11 years ago
  Thx oldmanrobn I knew we would have this problem, on which elvel did you see this ?
oldmanrob 11 years ago
  If a playername is too long you can't see the highscores. You can see the best players but not their scores (e.g. Slightly).
erratic 11 years ago
  any one have any hints for 'up and down'?

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jp 12 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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