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Yggdrasill4 9 months ago
  Happy 27th birthday, hope things work out for you.
chris3000 9 months ago
  Hey guys I'm back, I took a break for 8 days, I've been really busy helping me and my family. See, I live with my mom, we have very little family. I have no brothers/sisters. It's only me, my mom, my grandpa, and we have 4 cousins and that's it. See, I used to live with my grandma and grandpa, from 2005-2015. My grandma is intolerable to live with, she has tried to starve me and my mom, for many years and wouldn't help us get to a specialized doctor. When she had $20-30 thousand in the bank. So, three years ago we had to move to another county. My grandma is dangerous, she tried to throw things at us and my grandpa/hitting and abusing us.

So, it's really been a struggle for 3 years since late 2015. We are looking for another place for us and my grandpa, we could be moving Fall of 2019. So, i'll be a little more inactive. Well, tonight will be my 27th birthday!
lmr 9 months ago
  There are so many wonderful people who play this game, comment, contribute. It is sad to see someone acting so immaturely.
gameinsky 9 months ago
  Yeah, got nothing more to add on what Simon said, just ignore it and comment on other levels to push it away.
suhangha 9 months ago
  What is the purpose of the limited?
Please contact inbox for answers.
SimonM 9 months ago
  It is greyanna vs the moderators. She has been severely limited due to previous actions. She's not happy with it, and the only way she can communicate is through titles of unaccepted levels. This cannot be limited. If you don't want to view it on the front page or on the newly commented levels, you should comment on other levels, to push that particular level off that list.
lmr 9 months ago
  What is with the rude language- title changes on lvlid=39275, it is even more offensive today.
lmr 10 months ago
  the title on Ladybug seems to have been changed, offensively.
suhangha 10 months ago
  You can do it too. (:
Treazer 10 months ago
  Personally, I think oldmanrob would be a good admin. He's active and has been in the community for a very long time already.
gameinsky 10 months ago
  Hey if you guys can decide on a new admin I can appoint one if needed.
Treazer 10 months ago
  None at BB at the moment. Elizea evaluated a few levels while oldmtnguy was gone, but he's not very active either.
jasperpostema 10 months ago
  How many active admins are there at the moment?
Treazer 10 months ago
  Oldmtnguy hasn't been active for a month, maybe it's time for a new admin.
oldmanrob 10 months ago
  At the moment there are 20 "songs" waiting for moderation. Should I stop creating?
oldmanrob 10 months ago
  for my dylan and song of series there are about 80 more levels to create and maybe some more for the copycat series so that i can hope to give you about 100 levels before 2018 is over.
Coolguy52 10 months ago
  Good luck with your level series! :) I cannot provide hints for this game - as I am nowhere near good enough to properly attempt the levels you are stuck on.
chris3000 10 months ago
  I'm making a new series, it's called Colors Challenge, there will be 100 parts to this, so I'll have to make 100 lvls, but it will take about 9-10 months as I don't want to publish them too quickly, see the admins need a break every now and then. I want to make the lvls challenging and compact so I'll have to study all the lvls that I've solved and how other people designed their lvls.

Well, wish me luck. I really need some hints, I have about 20 officials left.
Yggdrasill4 10 months ago
  I'm finding it difficult to make a truly hard level that is also very small in size. All I have submitted always fall under the category of easy and medium. I might give it a shot.
Treazer 11 months ago
  Ah, thanks for the link. :) I forgot to check the page with all packs, I only looked at the regular "packs" tab.
oldmanrob 11 months ago
Treazer 11 months ago
  Is there an Up To 5 pack for this game?
Treazer 11 months ago
  That's a lot and a huge achievement indeed. My congratulations to you!
chris3000 11 months ago
  Thanks to El for evaluating more levels I was able to solve 8000, this is a huge accomplishment for me especially for my young age, most players who have reached this and 9000, are between 40-60 years old. So, in 3 years I've solved 3000 lvls, that's 1000 a year.

I don't think many people have reached this point, so I'm relieved.
chris3000 11 months ago
  Yes, OMG apparently is very busy now with life/ daily responsibilities, but he told me 4 months ago that he was building a new house, he showed me some pictures of it, it looks really good and neat. I'm not too far from 8000, so it really doesn't matter if there are any new levels, there will be more soon, we just have to be patient.
Treazer 11 months ago
  It's been a while since omg played BB, he's probably busy atm. But for the meantime, you might consider playing Jellify (and possibly making some levels) instead, Ygg. :)
oldmanrob 11 months ago
  i have 20 songs to be evaluated too. but it's good that they are not yet. so i have time to play and solve levels now. btw 69 more songs to create.
SimonM 11 months ago
  That's awesome! However, that Jellify is getting a lot of attention as of late does not interfer with the evaluation rate of BLockoban levels. Anyway, I look forward to play your levels!
Yggdrasill4 11 months ago
  Hi, I know Jellyfy is getting a lot of attention as of late. I have around 35 levels on backlog, please don't forget me :)
Treazer 1 year ago
  It's okay to leave levels out and not bother with them anymore. Oftentimes, if you try months later again you will get to the solution fairly quick even if you tried solving the level dozens of times before.

However, very difficult levels should be a part of the game just as the easier ones should. New players have lots of kids and easy levels to choose from and considering the amount of nearly 10k levels overall, people should not be scared to play the game I think.

I don't know how active people are in the comments here when asking for help, but I've seen people help you in the chat before. Unfortunately, I am not very good at BB, so most of the times I won't be a big help for you, but I will try my best.

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jp 11 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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