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gameinsky 1 year ago
  if you used google drive you can use logs to re-instate previous versions.
I think it will even tell you who did it
oldmanrob 1 year ago
  Somebody had delated all the datas on the blockoban top score list i made on april 1st. Now the list is recovred but no one can make any chagements. So i'm not sure if you can copy and past it. If you want to and it doesn't work you can contact me and i will make it possible just for you.
chris3000 1 year ago
  I wonder how many highscores I have? Anyways I'm hoping to solve 8000 before fall at least, that's 6-7 more months. I should be able to do it. I do want to try to solve some more officials. At least get to 240 for now, then I'll work on the rest later.
pig 1 year ago
  I have a 2 move level, probably my worst :(
greyanna 1 year ago
  My 2 journeys, LOL.

@Omr Maybe in your age better a woman!
SimonM 1 year ago
  That are some nice statistics! Which are the two unsolved levels?
oldmanrob 1 year ago
  Some statistics:

At the moment we have:

9195 levels (249 officials)
2 unsolved ( and I wonder if they ever will be solved)
2 1-move levels (one of them my christmas level White Christmas (BLockoban))
218 levels up to 5 moves (inclouding the 1-moves ones) you can find and play them in the pack.
1334 levels that can be solved in 6 to 10 moves.
4315 levels with 11 to 25 moves.
2340 levels with 26 to 50 moves.
788 levels with 51 to 99 moves.
164 levels with 100 t0 199 moves.
31 levels with 200 and more moves (one of them my terrible level And the winner is... (BLockoban))

The commonest top-score is 12. 436 levels have it.

PS Don't tell me. I know. I should find a hobby or a job or a girl or whatever. :D
chris3000 1 year ago
  @GA: I will later. Look guys I'm going to have to stop coming on here so much, b/c I get stressed with all the levels that I haven't solved, I have 1542 left to solve, so I have been struggling. I just don't have anymore patience, so I won't be playing this much anymore. Actually I'm saving up to buy a new PlayStation 4 and some video games. Because when I do I'm cutting the internet off.

Now, I'll still go to the library every once in a while and let you guys know how I'm doing but other than that I'm focusing more on my life/family/and health. So wish me luck on my journey. My grandparents are recovering by 60% in the hospital.
oldmanrob 1 year ago
  at a madhouse the doctor asks a patient: now explain me, who told you you're napoleon? without exitation the pacient replay: GOD! an other inmate gazes angry at him and says: don't lie! i never have talked with you.
greyanna 1 year ago
would you please make a few more like 'Linking Colors', please.
chris3000 1 year ago
  Thanks OMR, that will help me a lot. Now I can see which levels I did the worst on.
greyanna 1 year ago
  Crazy guy! You need a function in column H.

There should be the level-Id instead of reversal number.
oldmanrob 1 year ago
  here you find a list with all topscores

I hope you can copy and past it, if you have the need to compare your score with the top one. You sure know the formula to put in column e: "=c3-d3". If you have more questions to excel, please ask.
greyanna 2 years ago
  @Omr Do you recognize that your 'songs' have no sound!!!

In my opinion: there are reasons why rejected levels are rejected! : bad and/ or boring!
oldmanrob 2 years ago
  Bob Dylan will have a gig in Zurich on Apr 11. I will be there and for now make some Dylan based levels on all four block games.
pig 2 years ago
  We could do a group for this game but someone needs to know all the names.
greyanna 2 years ago
  NO! Delete your accounts on Facebook! Zuckerberg is a irresponsible Data-Collector.
sycoraximperator 2 years ago
  Is there any interest for a group on Facebook for this game? Does anyone volunteer to make one?
pig 2 years ago
  Almost 1M plays!
oldmanrob 2 years ago
  My notes for the "copycat" series are lost. I will give the credits as soon I can find out where the ispiration was came from. Sorry.
chris3000 2 years ago
  Greyanna: sorry I didn't know you weren't a guy. But anyways what you and OMR were right. If all the levels were easy then I would be bored and lose interest in this game, b/c then I would have no more lvls in my unplayed tab. I still have 22 officials left, but that's okay b/c I'm going to keep trying everyday and have a positive attitude.

That's why when I create/mak my levels I try to do 50% kids/easy for young players/beginners, and the other half medium/hard for more experienced players. That's why I love this game and the other puzzle games b/c it offers a variety of mixed difficulty. And I get to improve and keep track of my global score for each category of lvls. OMR did an excellent job orgaininzng all the packs and categories. They are fun and addicting. I will never leave this game and site.

So that's all try to get along and work together to make this a better site!
gameinsky 2 years ago
  People, please calm down.
oldmanrob 2 years ago
  @greyanna guys has also the meening of "Leute".
pig 2 years ago
  Really? His grandparents are in hospital and the only thing u can say is that ur not a guy?
@chris3000 hope they get better soon and I wish u good luck for the 8000 levels I'm sure u can do it.
edit: @greyanna then why did u answer huh?
greyanna 2 years ago
  There should be a fifth category like Extreme for players who prefer to solve challenging levels than only block pushing. It is the same with Sudokus: solve one or just writing numbers!
chris3000 2 years ago
  Hey guys read the message in my pack. I'm really struggling now. I've solved 7580 levels so far, I hope I can make it to 8000 at least, then i'll have 1067 levels remaining. I'll do my best, and I'll keep making tons of challenges and great designs for you guys to play. So have fun. But my time is much limited now as my grandparents are in the hospital. I've been extremely busy the past week. My mom and dad have been driving to the hospital to see them 2-3 times a week so I've been more occupied with my life/friends/and family. From here on out, I'm focusing a lot more on me and my life and family so I'm not going to be posting like I used to and my time is going to have to be limited here.
greyanna 2 years ago
  But we have still the @dminProfOmg.
pig 2 years ago
  I understand that, I'm just sad about that only few admins are active most of them left this site.
oldmanrob 2 years ago
  @pig You're not the only with unevaluated levels. The administrator has a real life he has to live. So just be patient and he will look at our levels when he have the time.
pig 2 years ago
  Huh? I have 23 levels unevaulated.

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jp 12 years ago
  sound on / off added (burfy's feedback).
16 official levels now. All levels are great. I must say I'm a big fan of Psychotronic's levels (thx Psycho). When a level is "only" accepted, it doesn't mean it will not be official one day, it's just I'm not sure for now.
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